POLYPES Test Certificate

Test Certificate


POLYPES Test Certificate acc. to Test Report, test institute titv, 10th November 2014
This English version herein below is only for your information. Only the German original is legally binding.  

Parameter Test Standard(s) Result
Maximum tensile force
Elongation at maximum tensile force
DIN EN ISO 13934-1 Tear-resistant up to 20 kg
Max. tensile force (longitudinally ) 411 N (cross direction) 232 N
Max. tensile elongation (longitudinally) 87 %, (cross direction) 156 %
Elastictiy DIN EN 14704-1 High cross elasticity
Elasticity after 5th cycle
Total stretching (longitudinal) 17 %, (cross direction) 40,3 %
Permanent stretching (longitudinal) 1,3 %, (cross direction) 3,0 %
Formaldehyde ASU B 82.02-1 Free of formaldehyde (not detectable)
Dimensional change in washing (shrinkage) at 92° C  DIN EN ISO 5077DIN EN ISO 6330 Shrinkage < 4% in longitudinal and cross direction
Air permeability DIN EN ISO 9237 slightly permeable to air
Water vapour permeability / - resistance DIN EN ISO 15496 based on DIN EN ISO 31092 Slightly permeable to water vapour (breathable)
Resistance to water penetration DIN EN 20811 Extremely watertight (> 1000 cm water column)
Resistance to blood TITV in-house method No visible discolorations or modifications at the PU-surface
Resistance to urine TITV in-house method /DIN EN ISO 32100(folded 50.000 times) No modification of PU-surface
Behaviour towards disinfecting agents, spray- / wipe-disinfectable  TITV in-house method /DIN EN ISO 32100(folded 50.000 times) Ultrana CWC2000 (smell eliminator/ disinfection concentrate): no modifications of PU-surface. DanKlorix (hygienic cleaner): no modifications of PU-surface..
Cytotoxicity (test for toxic substances which might harm the tissue) ISO 10993-5 If the test material is properly applied, no cytotoxic effects are to be expected.
Resistance to bacteria penetration / mite penetration DIN EN ISO 22610 entirely resistant to bacteria- and consequently mite penetration
Resistance to viruses ASTM F 1671 entirely resistant to viruses
RUN-OFF-test DIN ISO 9073-11 suitable for incontinence products.
Hydrolysis resistance (aging) TITV in-house method /DIN EN ISO 32100(folded 50.000 times) No modification of PU-surface
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