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It provides you with instructions on how to use our online shop.
Feel free to contact us by using the contact form.

The details and services pertaining to your purchase at are listed below in alphabetical order. The most important information and statutory regulations for are additionally shown at the two topmost menu bars for easy access.
By clicking on this button, you can return to the previous page.
According to statutory law, we are required to provide you with the details as to additionally incurred expenses, such as for shipping, extra fees, markup for small-volume quantities, insurance, packaging, etc., BEFORE the placement of order and the filling of the shopping cart. The list is presented in a tabular form.
If you search for something - a particular term or item number - feel free to use this search field.
By clicking on Detail Search, you will be shown the entry mask for advanced searching options, through which you can search for manufacturers, classifications, terms, etc.
Here you can set up your personal customer account. But of course, you may also purchase items as a guest visitor, which will ensure that you do not leave any digital traces of your shopping process on the server. It demands, however, that you will again have to enter the complete personal information into the forms of the webshop to proceed with the purchase.
If you are already a customer and have set up a customer account, you can directly log into our shop. By using the option "Create Account" (same function as in "Your Account/Registration"), your information will be saved on our server. Your benefit: You can check the status of your orders and don't have to re-enter your information before placing a new order. To be sure, we do not and will not pass your data to third parties - for reference, see our Data Protection.
No registration is required for those merely seeking information about our range of products. Only after you have clicked on the button, you will be prompted to enter your registration information. Alternatively, simply order as a guest. In this event, click on the shopping cart one more time. Click on the thumbnail picture of the item, on Details or on Go to Order Page to retrieve the product with the item description. All product variations directly show the item price.
Though this, you place the selected products into the shopping cart. The grid for entering the option quantities allows you to place several variations of one product into the shopping cart.
The window Shopping Cart opens.
Continue to the Checkout - to complete your order.
You can use this feature to alter your items in the shopping cart ( such as changing the order quantity or removing products from the shopping cart).
Please select the appropriate shipping type. The incurred shipping expenses are automatically calculated according to weight and country of destination and made availabe for referrence. For Germany and EU: Prices are including VAT, all other countries excluding VAT.
Please select the type of payment you want to use. We also accept cash payments via mail or registered letter, but cannot be held liable in case of loss.
You can use this field to add comments regarding to your order..
To be able to order, you need to confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our Right of Revocation and General Terms and Conditions (both of which being part of your order). We are sorry for being unable to deliver without these confirmations.
Please check the data you've entered; you can edit them here as well.
COMPLETE! By clicking on this button, your order will be emailed to us. Encrypted - as a matter of course.
Allows you to produce a printout.
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