Payment + Shipping

Payment methods:

We ship after advance payment through wire transfer to our bank account. Delivery upon receipt of payment. Only accepted EURO, no foreign currencies.

Bank Connection:

NEW !! Since 01. July 2019:
Bank Institute:
VR Bank Bayreuth-Hof eG
IBAN DE43 7806 0896 0006 2445 64

In order for tcsb to incur NO foreign bank charges, transfers from non-EU countries must be recorded and executed by the exporting bank for a foreign payment order. In this case, the customer (orderer) must specify "OUR" for the acceptance of all applicable fees. SEPA or other transfers from non-EU countries do not fulfill these conditions!
If you do not specify OUR, the following bank charges must be paid to our bank, which the buyer has to take over (please add the corresponding bank charges to your order.) Our order confirmation will be corrected after receipt of payment.
Total price of the order up to EUR 100,00 = EUR 5,00
Total price of the order over EUR 100,00 = EUR 10,00
If bank charges are incurred by the customer's bank, the customer must also pay these costs byself (we don´t accept SHARE).
The payment amount on our bank account must correspond to the order amount including shipping costs and the total bank charges.


Payment in cash by registered post addressed to us (we accept no liability in the case of loss).
Exemption: Insured letter - ensuing costs have to be borne by the customer.


PAYPAL by direct debit or by paypal account.

Please note: Payment by PayPal or direct debit from the PayPal customer account:

The purchase order (= the time of conclusion of the contract), which is legally binding on our order confirmation, applies only to the data entered by the customer in the "order" shop form. A different invoice and / or delivery address will not be accepted by PAYPAL payments (alternative delivery address) and leads directly to the cancellation of the order (s) with PAYPAL payment. PAYPAL already paid amounts will be refunded immediately.
We only accept PayPal payments via / through our payment link (part of our order confirmation) to PayPal.

With our order confirmation you will receive the link to pay your order with PayPal. Subsequent changes to the orders (for example size / color) are not possible!