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Please read the following answers / instructions to the most frequently asked questions before contacting us via the contact form or by phone as, in most cases, our FAQ or Information Center will provide you with the perfect answer for your question. Thank you!
I have a general question about the products. Please use our contact form or email us. We would also be glad to call you back (landline within Germany only).
I cannot properly process my order. To place an order, activate "Accept cookies" in the menu bar of your browser window. For further information about cookies placed by our server, see our Infocenter

I have not received a confirmation of order.

* the order has not been completed
* we have not received a valid email address
* your order has been classified as spam
* or for more answers, see Infocenter

What to do: Send us an email or use our contact form to send us a message. We will immediately get back to you.

I would like to pick up the ordered goods in person. For an answer, see Infocenter
Why am I supposed to enter my phone number when setting up a customer account? In rare cases, we are not able to email you for technical reasons and so cannot respond to your questions pertaining to the order. Your phone number enables us to contact you immediately to solve the problem. If you don't want to enter your phone number, you are welcome to leave the space blank. We will never use this number to make cold call marketing purposes.
I live in, for instance, Switzerland, USA, (or other countries) so am I required to pay German VAT? Basically, we deliver to all NON-EUROPEAN countries EXCLUDING VAT, prices and costs for shipping are net prices and are shown as such in our webshop. Be aware, though, that you are required to pay all expenses incurred by the order, such as taxes and fees for import and customs.
I want to subsequently alter my order. You can make changes to your order within 6 hours after you have emailed the order. For your confirmation, we will email or fax you an updated acceptance of order. You will need to reconfirm this confirmation immediately upon receipt by using email or fax.
The goods were damaged upon acceptance. Make a complaint about the damage directly upon the acceptance of the goods and have it best confirmed in writing by the delivering person (it provides evidence for a later contest). Even better, document the damage by taking photographs (use the camera function of your cellphone / mobile phone, for instance). If you nevertheless want to accept the goods, check, along with your delivery person, the completeness of items by comparing them to the invoice / shipping note. Later complaints will not be accepted by us or the shipping company.
Can I exchange or return my PVC briefs? You may understand that, for reasons of hygiene, this is hardly possible with sanitary products, such as PVC briefs. Please see also our Right of Revocation.
Custom-made items / suggesting a new product. You have a particular need / want to make changes to a product / suggest a new product? We are happy to take up your suggestion - we will do everything make a good idea happen. Some of our products originate in recommendations made by our customers and are proven and tested in real life.
I have ordered, but not received an acceptance of order. Obviously, there is a technical problem and your order has not been emailed to us or the email information is wrong. Please send us an email with your order number (see the printout of your ordered item / confirmation of order). We will verify the order and get back to you as soon as possible.
I have already paid, but not received the ordered goods yet. If you haven't received your ordered goods 2 weeks after your payment (even though you have received an acceptance or order), we would like to ask you to get in immediate contact with us. It may be, that we have already sent the goods, but you haven't received them. We will check on this immediately.
I have a question regarding to the invoice. Please use our contact form to send us a message and be sure to leave your invoice number as well..
I received the wrong goods. This should definitely not happen. But as it is, we are not infallible. Please use our contact form or email to explain the case and provide your telephone number. We will take immediate action and return your call to solve the issue.
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